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Online Services

Q: Why should you outsource your back office operations?
A: Outsourcing the back office operations of your business gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best – accelerate business, maximize value and increase profits. It also allows you to increase the quality of your bookkeeping, accounting, tax and administrative functions, add additional expertise to your company, reduce recruitment, training, administration and other operational costs. Outsourcing will save you up to 50% or more on your overhead costs in these areas.

Q: What types of businesses benefit from outsourcing their back office operations?
A: All types of businesses can benefit from outsourcing their back office operations. We have a flexible pricing package that fits the budget of companies with small to large amounts of monthly transactions.

Q: How does your company communicate with us?
A: Our company personnel stays in touch with you through our toll-free telephone and fax numbers, live chat support, e-mail, and through our secure client portal service on our website. We maintain a very close relationship with all our clients.

Q: What is the cost of your services?
A: We base our fees on either an hourly rate or on the number of monthly transactions we process for you. In either case, we discuss our fees up front and provide you with a budgeted fee arrangement before we commence work. We want to work within your budget.

Q: How do you provide back office support from your remote locations?
A: Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, we are able to communicate with you in real time from our offices in Florida and New York via the Internet. We use the remote access features of QuickBooks® along with a product called NetClient®, which provides secure private portals through our website.

Q: How do we provide you with our backup file and original source documents for inputting into QuickBooks®?
A: You have basically three ways to send us information. The first, which is the most secure, is through the uploading features on our website through a private client portal. You upload your QuickBooks® backup file or other electronic files through our secure private portal on our website. For hard copy documents, you simply scan them at your office and upload through our private secure portal. The other two common ways to send us information is by fax or e-mail.

Q: How do we pay for your services?
A: You allow automatic payments through your bank or credit card for our services on a monthly basis. We will bill you either for the hours that we spend or for the number of transactions you send to us each month. We will collect the amount using the automatic transfer feature through your bank or credit card.

Q: How do I view reports, financial statements and tax returns that you have prepared?
A: We provide reports and other documents to you for viewing and downloading through our secure private client portal on our website.

Client Portal

Q: How do client portals work?
A: If you have ever entered your account number and password on the website of a bank or investment firm to gain access to your personal account information, you have accessed a portal. Our website utilizes a product called NetClient® which operates the same way.

Q: Are client portals secure?
A: Yes. You can be assured that your documents and files are in the most secure location available – the Class-IV, IBM-certified Thomson Data Center. Comprised of two state-of-the-art facilities, the Thomson Data Center is one of the 20 largest data centers in the world.

Q: How do I access my client portal?
A: Once you register with us, all you have to do is enter your personalized user name and password at our client login screen. Once you have done that, you have entered your own secure private portal where you can take advantage of our online services.

Q: What type of files can I exchange with you through the client portal?
A: You can exchange any type of file created in virtually any Windows software including Microsoft® Office files, budget templates, forecasting documents, even scanned images – with no faxing, postage, or courier costs - all in a secure environment.

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started using your services?
A: You need to complete the online registration form and upload it to us (or fax or email). We will input your client information and set you up with a temporary user name and password. You will need to change your login information within 48 hours to something unique. We will then send you by email an engagement letter, including an estimate of our fees, along with an implementation plan. We will then schedule a conference call with you within 24 hours to answer any questions before starting work.