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Benefits of outsourced controller and CFO services

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Optimize financial performance, mitigate risk, and ensure maximum profit with our outsourced controller and virtual CFO services

You lead and innovate your small- to medium-sized business and let us take care of the specialized financial needs of your business, which is our specialty. Our outsourced CFO services will help you make critical business decisions, ensure you’re tax compliant as well as present aggressive tax planning for optimal savings, and provide real-time strategic insight into your company’s financial data. We look at things from a high-level perspective to ensure your company is running at optimal operations including reviewing your business structure to ensure it’s the best structure for taxes and streamline your accounting system processes . Whether you need a fractional CFO, virtual CFO, or a combination, we not only have your back, we off supervision and training of your bookkeeping and accounting staff. We watch out for you now and through the entire lifecycle of your company. Our small business CFO services can help you turn your financial department into a profit center.

Some of our CFO services include:

Strategic decision making

Quite often, small business owners are strapped for time and overloaded with responsibilities and get caught up in the minutia of the daily operations. Looking at the long-term goals and objectives of the business becomes difficult or seems to be out of reach. This myopic vision jeopardizes the longevity of the business and creates burnout. As your trusted business partner, we will help you formulate long-term goals based on long-term vision helping you align your short-term goals with your bigger picture—whether it’s future financial goals, expansion, or your exit strategy

Business trend analysis

We’ll help you understand how your business has performed and make predictions based on models. We can also help you avoid negative trajectory if trends are moving in the wrong direction and help you turn things around.

Liaison with outside CPA firm and attorney

If you already have a CPA, we’ll act as your tax liaison supplying the CPA firm with proper documentation and reporting. As your IRS tax professional, we’ll do your tax planning and preparation in addition to coordinating all tax documentation with your tax attorney.

Financial advice

In our relationship accounting approach where we engage with our clients in long-term business relationships, we are able to act as a trusted financial advisor for small business. In this role as business finance advisors, we become engrained in your business too and offer sound financial advice including reviewing and analyzing your business structure and entity formation to not only maintain a healthy bottom line but also grow and prepare for the future—as if it was our own company and interests at stake.

Banking relations

Frequently our clients ask us to represent them with their banking institution. We sit in meetings and act as a liaison with your bank negotiating terms of loans, lines of credit, mortgages, etc. In addition, we guide our clients on banking decisions and provide proper financial information for these financial activities freeing you up to do what it is a better use of your time and expertise, easing the burden and reducing your stress.

Transactional oversight with our controller services

Running the daily operations of your business keeps you on your toes. Taking care of the tedious but critical daily financial aspect of the business either takes away time from growing your business or from enjoying your life. Our outsourced accounting services help you oversee all your accounting operations, procedures, checks, and balances so you can focus on growing and operating your business.

Some of our controller services include:

Project cost management and job cost accounting

Job cost accounting not only helps you track the cost of individual projects and jobs, but it allows you to compare the cost of the job to its profit. We review the data and determine how much you are going to spend on a particular job or project before you agree to perform it. The benefit of utilizing our job cost analysis services is we are able to show you how the cost of the project compared to what your company might earn. By using project cost management, we give you the insight to make better decisions that impact your company’s bottom line.

Financial statement preparation and analysis

Our outsourced accounting and controller service includes preparing monthly financial statements and financial statement analysis. When we perform a financial statement analysis we assess the company’s short- and long-term viability. The financial statement analysis enables us to identify strengths and weaknesses and recommend change accordingly. Examples include liquidity ratios, activity ratios of accounts payable and receivable, sales-to-working capital, profitability ratios, and debt-to-equity ratios, cash flow planning, and more. The primary benefits of financial statement analysis impact investing decisions, lending decisions, and top-level strategic decisions of the business.

Budgeting and forecasting

With our financial forecasting and budgeting services, we are able to project future earnings and spending. We monitor for budget fluctuations to help you make better informed decisions. With our budgeting and forecasting outsourcing, we help you react faster to the changing business landscape. Effective forecasting and budgeting is crucial to formulate strategies, plan for the future, and align business goals across the company.

Payroll services for small business

Effective payroll processing includes more than paying employees on time. Accuracy means keeping employees happy and taxing agencies satisfied. With our payroll for small business service, we calculate necessary tax withholdings and other deductions and allocate accordingly ensuring you remain compliant. Our payroll service also includes payroll reports outlining human capital management such as overtime payouts, benefit usage, and other details for at-a-glance reporting.

Mitigate risk with our outsourced CFO services and outsourced controller services

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