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The best exit strategies for business owners begin with the end in mind. Most small business owners get consumed with the daily operations of the business that they sometime tend to lose sight of the end. Whether you’re looking for a traditional exit strategy or desire succession planning, our small business consultants can help you with the process from beginning to end to help you achieve your desired exit strategy. We’ll guide you through the entire process including understanding the value of your business, knowing when it’s the best time to sell, creating more appeal to potential buyers, guiding your company’s future, capitalizing on market trends, negotiations, and even coaching you through the mental preparation for life after your business.

Some of our exit strategy for small business services include:

Exit strategy for business

Every business owner needs an exit strategy at some point. We handle exit strategies for business owners including initial public offerings (IPO), management buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, sale of business, succession planning, liquidation, and bankruptcy if required. For those who have built a successful and profitable business, selling the business can provide a substantial profit. Whatever your situation, we’ll listen to your objectives and then provide guidance and help you formulate the best exit strategy for your small business.

Succession planning

The succession planning process often takes years to plan and execute. Often business succession planning occurs when there’s family involved in the business or a trusted and dedicated employee. Succession planning is a proactive strategy to pass on the leadership, typically the ownership, achieved by targeting existing employees or searching for the right candidate through targeted recruitment. We’ll help you devise a succession plan based on your goals to achieve the desired result.

Merger and acquisition advisory services

We offer full-service merger and acquisition advisory services. Whether you’re looking to sell your business or acquire a new one, the process requires a critical eye, patience, discretion, and expertise.

For sellers, we offer valuation services and after reviewing financial documents and establishing an accurate value of your business, we then start the process of attracting potential buyers, and handle every detail from beginning to end.

For buyers, there’s a lot of risk involved, and our expert team knows what to look for when evaluating other business’s financial reports. Our due diligence helps to identify missing or inaccurate information including earnings inaccuracies or overinflated receivables. Acting as your trusted advisor, we help you minimize risk and avoid overpaying for the new business to achieve an accurate value assessment for the targeted business.

For both scenarios, we review contracts and help minimize delays keeping the sale on schedule as well as advise on deal structure, lead negotiations, plan for achieving optimal after-tax results, and guide the post-closing acquisition integration.

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