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Small business tax planning for optimal results

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Optimized tax deductions, reduced tax liabilities, and accurate reporting

Long before tax deadlines loom, we diligently provide tax strategies for small business owners preparing year-round. With a long-term strategy in place, we simplify small business tax planning and ensure expert, on-time small business tax preparations for local, state, and federal returns for you and your business. Our tax strategies for small business owners includes reducing tax liabilities in accordance with IRS regulations and ensuring every tax benefit available is optimized. We navigate the always changing and complex IRS standards and tax legislation, so you don’t have to worry about it knowing your taxes meet the highest standards of accuracy as well as data security.

Our small business tax planning and preparation services include:

Small business tax planning

We offer integrated tax planning strategies for companies to minimize risk and maximize profitability. These comprehensive tax plans save you money by reducing tax burdens whenever possible and also enhance cash flow. In addition to minimizing your tax liabilities, we also review and analyze your business entity structure to maximize your company’s growth potential and minimize taxation.

Tax return preparation

Small business tax preparation services by Back Office Advisors ensures that every required form is completed and submitted with your business taxes. Our accounting experts under the watchful eye of CPA and tax specialist Al Davidson are current on latest tax laws and revisions ensuring every tax deduction available to your business is taken. With aggressive tax solutions, we make sure your small business tax returns are completed accurately, timely, and most effectively saving you time, money, and protecting you from tax penalties or any surprises from any potential future audits.

Aggressive tax solutions that save you money and protect you from hidden perils

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